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Provide a convenient, easy to use transaction
platform for users, help to reduce the pending
transactions time (deposit/withdraw).
get immediately after only 1 confirmation .

Future Features


Support multi-platform for Peerdax Exchange (iOS, Android, browser).


We store the vast majority of the digital assets in secure offline storage.


Digital currency stored on our servers is covered by our insurance policy.


Full control over the amount of money in your account .


Quick Deposit / Withdrawals, get immediately after only 1 confirmation .


Accept payments from anywhere in the world, with low transaction fees. !

Trader is the soul of crypto currency and trading platform.

We are delighted to welcome all traders to PEERDAX, to grow together and explore the Great Age of cryptocurrency. .
The trader is the soul of cryptocurrency and trading platform. They are one who creates the value of the coin base on its potential. And those are what create a valuable exchange. A professional trader is a person who soon realizes the value of a coin that most people do not see yet. PEERDAX offering more options in investing for the Trader. Different vision will bring different results and values, let’s see can you notice a swan in the shape of an ugly bird.
Today, there are tens of hundreds of thousands of another coin. But large trading platforms only deal with a reputable coin which has large capitals, while the small coin is not acceptable..

Come to PEERDAX, small altcoins have the opportunity to prove their
value and potential to the professional trader.
You can completely conduct the ICO on
PEERDAX - after we evaluate your potential as well as the value.
Providing the chance to increase your capital with the safest place. .
Enhance asset security with 97% money in the floor will be stored in the cold wallet.
Toward an account security with Google authenticator or through confirmation code sent to phone number and a white list of IP addresses.
Always stay with you and solve your difficulty .
We want users have a best time in our exchange and that why our supporting team will work 24/24 to answer any question from you.

Users Benefits

Extremely low transaction
For your benefit we’re building a trading platform for low transaction costs or may be no transaction fee. We want to become an exchange with lowest fee.
Guarantee your
Including the lowest percentage of uncertainty that may occur PEERDAX establishes an insurance fund to ensure the loss of property on the floor.
Multilingual system
With a rich and complementary language system, PEERDAX bring you an exchange where you can comfortably use your native language. Basic languages: English, French, Chinese, Vietnamese.
Diverse exchange
We provide the trading place for small altcoins which unconfirmed and have small capitals - but potentially valuable, this is an ideal place for traders. The fee will be calculated depending on the potential of the coin.

Accepted Currency

Accepted or under development
Coins will display the logo with the accepted here text